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3D STL Model (0165) – Decorative Candelabra

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$10.00 $3.00

Price: $10.00
Uploaded on: 8.8.2015
File format: .stl
3D Model format: STL
File size (Mb): 33,5Mb
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You will find a big collection of CNC project files.

Shop concentrates on offering up top notch design files for plasma, waterjet, and laser cutting systems. This STL model may be used with Artcam Pro, Vectric Aspire, LinuxCNC (EMC2), Mach3, Cut3d, etc. We don’t ship your engraved unit, you’ll only get the electronic software in .stl file format.

As the product could be used: Wood (imitation carving reliefs, mural), Vinyl (production of molds for gypsum, and so on.), Metals (cliche), Soy wax (jewellery)

Getting this 3d model, you can rely in its top quality.
This 3d design will be available in the personal Cabinet right after order.
We can easily modify size and proportions depending on your demands and for a small pay. The only thing you should do is to write us a notice specifying the url of 3d design, to help make the complex project (in the free-form), and to send it on [email protected]

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