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3D STL Model (0154) – Modern Column, Designs Banister

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$10.00 $3.00

Price: $10.00
Uploaded on: 21.5.2016
File format: .stl
3D Model format: STL
File size (Mb): 15,8Mb
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3D Vectors for CNC Cutting.

Our CNC project files may be cut with plasma, laser, or waterjet CNC machines. You also may need the LinuxCNC (EMC2), Mach3, Artcam Pro, Vectric Aspire, Cut3d or some other program for your CNC (depends from the CNC machine). This isn’t end product! This is a STL design for CNC machine.

They are ideal for uses such as Sign Making, Woodwork, Jewelry, Engraving, Confectionary manufacture and many others.

Buying this 3d design, you can rely within its high quality.
After fee Automatically You will get a url for download file from my Google Disk, where you may easy download or store Your purchased file.
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