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3D STL Model (0132) – Figures Sculpture, Design Sculpture

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$10.00 $8.99

Price: $10.00
Uploaded on: 18.4.2015
File format: .stl
3D Model format: STL
File size (Mb): 66,6Mb
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Download 3D designs for CNC and Laser machines.

As being CNC machine masters we understand that very often you’ll need file ASAP to maintain your clients and consider the order. You also may need the LinuxCNC (EMC2), Mach3, Artcam Pro, Vectric Aspire, Cut3d or some other program for your CNC (depends from the CNC machine). We don’t deliver the imprinted item, you’ll only receive the electronic software in .stl file format.

As the product can be used: Metals (cliche), Wood (imitation carving reliefs, mural), Soy wax (jewelry), Plastic material (output of molds for gypsum, and so forth.)

All models come in good quality and can be used for machining on devices with CNC and, when necessary, to print on a 3D printer.
This 3d model will be you can get in the personal Cabinet soon after order.
We can modify sizes and ratios depending on your requires and for a little pay. Whatever you should do is to write me a letter specifying the url of 3d design, to help make the technical project (in the free form), and to send it on info@3d-model-shop.com.

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