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3D STL Model (0117) – Home Decor Wall Art, Cnc Projects Woodworking

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Price: $10.00
Uploaded on: 23.7.2017
File format: .stl
3D Model format: STL
File size (Mb): 99,7Mb
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3d design for CNC wooden cutting.

Our CNC project files could be cut with plasma, laser, or waterjet CNC devices. Additionally you may need a Mach3, Artcam Pro, Vectric Aspire, Cut3d, LinuxCNC (EMC2) or other software program for your CNC (depends from the CNC machine). We don’t send the engraved product, you’ll only get the online software in .stl format.

As the material can be used: Metals (cliche), Plastic material (creation of molds for gypsum, etc.), Wax (jewellery), Wood (imitation carving reliefs, mural)

Our whole files are guaranteed to work good using your machine.
Files come in STL format and you could grab them from link which i send you.
We can easily modification size and proportions based on your requires and for a small pay. All you should do should be to write us a notice specifying the url of 3d model, to help make the technical project (in the free-form), and to send it on [email protected]

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