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3D STL Model (0101) – 3d Cnc Files For Sale, 3d Printed Eyeglass Frames

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Price: $10.00
Uploaded on: 15.10.2017
File format: .stl
3D Model format: STL
File size (Mb): 69,9Mb
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The model is in stl format.

Our website presents models and crafting projects of all kinds for masters and individuals whom uses milling machines and cnc routers. This STL design you can use with Mach3, Artcam Pro, Vectric Aspire, Cut3d, LinuxCNC (EMC2), etc. It’s not end product! This is a STL design for CNC machine.

They are designed for applications such as Sign Making, Wood Work, Jewellery, Engraving, Confectionary manufacture and many others.

Here you will able to find many great files that will enable you just upload in your CNC and cut.
Soon after payment Automatically You will get a url for get file from my Google Disk, where You can easy download or store Your purchased file.
For those who have requests, you are able to request in the tab “Ask a question”. Also, we will be grateful to your opinions.

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